Clinic Tour

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Front Desk

Welcome to Bay Area Animal Hospital! We are excited to meet your furry friend!

Exam Room

One of our four specially designed exam rooms.

Surgical Room and Laboratory

For a complete list of our surgical and laboratory services, please see our Hospital Services page or give us a call!

Spa and Resort Front Desk

Our pet spa and resort is able to meet all your furry friend's needs. Whether it is a quick nail trim at the salon or a cozy place to sleep while you're on vacation, we look forward to meeting your pets!


Our three grooming rooms are equipped to bathe, dry and trim your pet so they look their best! Due to the variety of dog sizes, fur types, and temperament of dogs, please call for a quote on a groom.  

Cat Boarding

Designed to house multiple cats at a time. Don't worry, they get play time and have the "run of the room" with a staff member during their stay!

Dog Boarding

We have 30 kennels, with sizes at 3'X6', 4'X6', and 6'X6' to fit every size of dog. These are specially designed with plenty of room to move around, with a fold down bed.

Outdoor Yard

Our outdoor area is fenced in with a large 6' high fence. The yard is also fenced in half just in case Fido doesn't get along with other dogs. Throughout the day, one half is used by the day care dogs, with the other half being used by our boarding dogs.

Day Care Indoor Room

Our indoor day care area is designed to keep our furry friends cool during the day, but allow plenty of space to play with their best friends. The large windows allow in plenty of sunlight to take a quick nap in.