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Basic Kennel Cost
Small Dog Enclosure - 3' x 6' - $25.00/night
Medium Dog Enclosure - 4' x 6' - $27.00/night
Large Dog Enclosure - 6' x 6' - $32.00/night
Additional Dog(s), Same Kennel - $18.00/night
Kitty Condos - $16.00/night

Boarding price includes one twenty minute play period and a minimum of three "potty breaks".

Nail Trimming - (starting at) $11.00
Grooming Touch Up Service - Includes a brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Our Very best grooming bargain! - (starting at) $20.00
Full Grooming Service - If you book a grooming appointment during your pet’s stay, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your selected services - (10% off normal pricing)
Neighborhood walk - Our spa attendant will take your dog for a 20 minute walk to check out the neighborhood happenings. (Dependent on each individual pets behavior.) - $8.00
Private play time or cuddle time - In addition to the included 20 minutes of play, this is an additional 20 minutes of private time with an attendant of uninterrupted fun. - $6.50
Inclusion in the “Daycare Pack” - If your dog is a regular in our daycare program or has passed the necessary behavior evaluation he can spend the whole day out of his kennel in our daycare facility. - $11.00
Frosty Paws Frozen Treat - A canine approved version of a sundae, the perfect bedtime snack! - $3.00
Stuffed Kong - Appropriate to your dog’s size stuffed with healthy goodies to entertain and satisfy the most avid chewers. - $3.00

Half Day (up to 5 hrs.) - $11.50 
One Day Pass - $15.00
Five Day Pass - $85.00 ($17.00/day)
Ten Day Pass - $160.00 ($16.00/day)
Twenty Day Pass - $280.00 ($14.00/day)
Most "pawmeneties" available for boarders are also available to daycare clients as well.

Because a grooming is so unique to each pet, we couldn't possibly cover pricing for all the breeds, coat types, and sizes in just one table. Please call for a quote on your pet today!